Norwegian skies—always perfect?

. . . I’m a certified diver earned from a brash Marine combat diver at Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park, Key Largo. At age twenty that was the first time I felt really brave. Diving Bahamas’ Tongue of the Ocean to 90’, night diving throughout the Florida Keys, countless confrontations with hammerhead and black tip sharks grew in me a solid core of confidence. But the most challenging by far was learning to fly a taildragger airplane and earning the instrument rating. Pilots must be accutely aware of sky science to fly safely. I flew a sweet Husky A1C-200 for a thousand hours and always with my camera ready. You can see the result of this lifelong preoccupation in my images, so many prominent for water, sky and clouds.

Here again is gorgeous Norway! No, the sky isn’t always so spectacular, though it’s happened often enough to fill my portfolio with countless such beauties. At dawn and dusk the low sun angle backlights clouds through ice crystals, raindrops, dust or pollution. What we see as a beautifully undulating, rippling pattern makes high altitude waves visible. Everyone can appeciate beauty in the skies. I respond by making pictures.