Moving to Miami

Our children were grown when we decided to move back to roots in the Midwest. When you don't leave the house to find your work, icy roads and cold air aren't a problem. I'm comfortable and confident in our decision. For the past year we've phoned our oldest and best friends, but return visits will happen in time when we can savor again what we once enjoyed so easily. I have a lifetime of photos and now have the time to process them. So you'll be seeing more of my beach life as I prep favorites for this new website gallery and begin painting again.

Decades ago Time Magazine wrote a scathing piece on Miami as a lost paradise and I took the insult personally. My youngest said it best, "It's not Your Ami, it's My Ami!" So out of the mouths of babes there is this . . .

First up is this shot taken on Miami Beach. I love the clean, white character. Where it isn't beach white, it's peach and seafoam green, honey gold, palest blue, and on through a rainbow of ice cream colors. It's a world of new smells, sounds and beauty everywhere you look. The larger story is told here: