How to turn your life upside down

It’s hard to be new at anything! 


For the last fifteen years I’ve been the artist/owner at Light Pixie Studio where I paint and photograph, and then blog when I have something to say. You eventually forget all the hard work it took to begin. My website format used to be WordPress and free, open source was where I grew. And so did unelenting hacker world. It was time to find a more secure path and a more responsive one. Huge thanks to WordFence for their extraordinary work to stem the tide on behalf of 75 million Word Press users. 

My new site comes with a great support team and an MBA’s worth of training. I still had to build it but the framework is impressive. Even so it feels like trying to drink from a firehose! In the past two months, I’ve taken on a whole new vocabulary and knew it was working when I actually used the word “merch” in talking with a friend--queue laughter! “Fulfillment” no longer means my goal of personal satisfaction but has to do with my inventory supplier. There’s new “romance” in my life, along with “playbooks,” and “conversion rates”. I’m told I should restart my Instagram account.  Oh, then make some videos to show what I do and how I work! Now that’s really scary, but stretch I will—in time! (Update 12 weeks later: How am I doing? Instagram is now my biggest business marketing success. I’ve conquered Reels and though I haven’t tried to go LIVE yet, there are a few IGTV videos “in the can” of me and my work. See for yourself at

So yes, it’s been a big change, but I love the simple, clean appearance, how my site functions on different devices, and look forward to adding more of my work, meeting new customers and friends, and continuing to paint and write. My life may seem pretty chaotic at the moment but I’m getting my arms around it.

So what’s with the dogs? I’ve always made images but this painting was my very first commission and it marked the start of Light Pixie Studio so long ago. My body of work has grown and matured right along with me! So here’s to a better future for Light Pixie Studio. And I'm wishing the same happy future for you in whatever way you imagine it!